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What Is Brandy

What is brandy speaks to types of brandy and brandy production. The answer is that brandy is distilled wine or also known as distilled water wine as the water is distilled out of wine.

The distilling of wine is a very simple process which is done in small pots which have a capacity of up to 1000 liters in small containers having a slow heat source. It takes approximately 8 hours for one complete distillation and the stills may be operated 24 hours a day.

With each 8 hour distillation process the alcohol by volume of the distillate is increased.

The first products of the distillation are collected together and are subsequently subjected to a second distillation in order to secure the necessary alcoholic strength. The stills are ranged in batteries, often 6, 12, or even a large number of stills being placed in one line.

The stills are usually furnished with a heater, into which the succeeding charge of wine is placed and through which the tube bearing the distilled vapors passes. This arrangement has a double advantage.

In the first place, it condenses and throws back into the still the more watery portions of the alcoholic vapor, thus permitting a stronger alcoholic liquor which contain the wine intended for the next charge. The cylindrical vessels to the extreme left and right contain the condensing-worms.

The resultant distillate is known as raw brandy which may be further refined into cognac.




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