Alcohol Explained

This site, Alcohol Explained, speaks to many subjects such as Alcohol/Drug Interaction, how to start a pub and the many mixed drinks available.

This website speaks to alcohol, and let me begin by saying, I like alcohol and have liked it for many years. I am convinced alcohol in all its many forms improves artistic ability and most certainly a person’s wit. At least it does in the mind of he who imbibes.

I distinctly remember a period when I was teaching myself to play guitar, and after learning how to put together three major chords and three minor chords, fancied myself quite the song writer.

Well, at that time I quit drinking for a brief period of time, and actually heard myself stone cold sober. It was either quit the guitar or start drinking. I rationalized that the world would be somewhat less a place without my music, so I started drinking again. I thought it was quite noble of me not to deprive mankind of my music.


Early in life I realized I was far more comfortable in a crowded room after a few drinks. Alcohol lowered my inhibitions just enough to allow this to happen. I believe this for the most part answers why people drink alcohol.

Let me be clear, I was never a drunk and could always handle alcohol. I was somehow protected by the greater power, by being truly sick the next day after over imbibing. Therefore, I never went on two or three day binge drinking episodes. A warning, if you aren’t sick the next day, there is an increased probability that you are susceptible to alcoholism.

Alcohol allows us to clear our mind. In the infamous words of Homer Simpson “Marge remember when I learned how to make wine I forgot how to drive the car”?Homer was and is indeed a philosopher of the first order.

It is also true that for many of us average and below average looking people of both sexes would have a much reduced or nonexistent sex life without alcohol. As Red Green a Canadian actor once stated “If at the end of an evening women don’t find you handsome, they should find you handy.”

Sound reasoning for this Alcohol Explained website.

There is ample evidence of alcohol bringing out the “ass hole” in some people. Fortunately these people are in the minority.

I’m convinced that people should be required to pass a drinking test in front of a group of their peers to obtain a “drinking license”. It would be a simple test, three drinks and observe the individual for a short period of time. If the stupid switch clicks to “ON” the dink, male or female is not allowed to drink.

A catch phrase for Alcohol Explained should be “Dink, No Drink”. Perhaps it should be a required slogan on each and every bottle of alcohol. Think of the reduction in police costs if this license became a reality. This should be considered a negative answer to "Why do people drink alcohol?"

There are many good reasons why alcohol should be banned, but we all know that will not happen, as most of our lawmakers drink, probably more than the average citizen. After all they get it for free from people trying to influence them.

Start a Pub or Bar

A description of how to start a pub or bar and suggestions for operating the pub or bar. Pub has more of a European meaning.

Drugs and Alcohol

This section speaks to the interaction of many varied drugs and alcohol. There are over 1500 drugs listed with suggestions given as to the wisdom of using them while drinking.

Songs for Sale

This page presents original songs, written and performed by Tom Dontigny, who is me. I have written 49 original tunes in the last 4.5 years, since I retired.

If there is any interest by publishers or performers in these songs please contact by message on Facebook or by e mail at or phone 613 434 2235.

I have played drums for 55 years, and had piano and music theory lessons when young. I started to self teach myself, guitar and bass guitar after retiring 4.5 years ago. Shortly after that I started to write songs. I am a mediocre singer and guitarist but good enough to present my songs.

My friends tell me my songs are OK but there is the chance that they are just being kind. Ha.

To view YouTube presentations of the songs go the NavBar selection Songs for Sale.


Tom Dontigny

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