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Ask a Doctor

Ask a Doctor speaks to ask a doctor Canada, ask a doctor free and ask the doctor symptoms.

These are questions that it is suggested that you ask your Doctor or Pharmacist before deciding to drink while using this prescription medication.

Can I drink alcohol while taking this medication?

What is the name of this medication?

What results may be expected from taking it?

How long should I wait before reporting that this medication does not help me?

How does this medication work?

What is the exact dosage of the medication?

What time of day should I take the medication?

Do alcoholic beverages have an effect on this medication?

Do I have to take special precautions with this medication in combination with other medications I am taking?

Does food have any effect on this medication?

Are there any special instructions I should have about how to use this medication?

How long should I continue to take this medication?

Is my prescription renewable?

For how long a period may my prescription be removed?

Which side effects should I report and which may I disregard?

May I save the unused part of this medication for future use?

How long may I keep this medication without it losing its strength?

What should I do if I miss a dose of this medication?

Does this medication come in a less expensive, generic form?

Medication Considerations  

Store your medications in a sealed, light resistant container to maintain maximum potency. Be sure to follow any special storage instructions listed on your prescription bottle or container, such as “refrigerate” “do not freeze” “protect from light” or “keep in a cool place”. Protect all medications from excessive humidity.

Always tell your Dr everything that is wrong as the more information your Dr has, the more effective will be your treatment.

Ensure that each Dr you see is aware of all medications you use including over the counter medication.

Keep a record of any bad reaction you have had to a medication.

Fill each prescription you are given. If you do not fill a prescription, make sure your Dr knows you are not taking the medication.

Follow the label instructions exactly. If you have any questions call your Dr or pharmacist.

Report any unusual symptoms that develop after taking medication.

Do not save unused medication for future use unless you have consulted your Dr. Dispose of unused medication by flushing it down the toilet.

Do not share your medication with anyone. Your prescription was written for you and only you.

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