Pub Style, Type of pub, Pub theme, Pub type, Kind of pub.

Pub style speaks to type of pub, pub theme, Pub type and kind of pub which may be chosen.

The choice of style is very important, almost as important as the location. It is suggested that you do on site research by visiting other pubs in the area and noting which seem successful and which aren’t. Remember if a specific style is successful in you location perhaps it would not be good business to copy that style as you may simply be sharing a customer base. It is best to choose something new.

Below listed are a number of pub style you can choose from or you may have a new style in mind.


These are without a doubt the most popular these days. They are usually adorned with various sports memorabilia, photographs and hardware. These pubs need to have multi large TV screens and offer a sports experience that cannot be achieved at home. In these establishments pub fare such as burgers, fries, wings, nachos, steak and salads are popular. This type of pub tends to be a louder, lively environment and may have live entertainment on the weekend.


Corner pubs are for the most part neighbourhood which offer a little TV but for the most part good drinks and interesting conversation. The customer base for this type of establishment is regular and familiar. Usually only peanuts or pickled eggs or the like are offered. If live entertainment is offered it is usually a single act either guitar or piano. The theme of a pub such as this may be Irish, English or a basic North American theme. It is usual that the owner establishes this pub in a niche with which he or she is most comfortable.


The Upscale Lounge is just a more expensive pub which caters to those with money. Usually the it has expensive fittings and furniture and interesting lighting. Wall decor may include works of art, photos featuring mood lighting. Patrons are usually young and of a higher income. You would hope to attract the “beautiful” well dressed people and usually featuring a DJ with canned music. Usually premium liquor, beer, wine and cocktails are offered. This style of pub has young, attractive well dressed servers and the bartender may very well be part of the attraction.


Martini pubs serve, wait for it, Martinis and usually celebrate the tradition of the cocktail by offering varied flavours of martinis as well as the traditional Sidecars, Stingers and Rusty Nails. Music for this establishment is usually nostalgic featuring jazz melodies, swing, big band, 40 eras tunes and featuring well known vocalists such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton and Michael Buble.

Also newer music such as retro inspired space age pop, atomic, bachelor pad music or cocktail jazz may be offered.


A true wine bar serves wine only. It is usual that as many as 100 different kinds of wine may be for sale by the glass and up to 150 wines for sale by the bottle.

It will be very expensive to stock a wine pub as it is quite expensive. If you do not have wine expertise to discuss wine in detail it is suggested that you attend a wine training class. These classes are usually presented by a wine expert known as a sommelier who will be quite knowledgeable about wine.

Due to the incredible variety and range of wines available worldwide more people from all walks of life are interested in wine. In a bar such as this the wine is the entertainment so some soothing background music will be in order.

Wine bars often serve food with the menu designed to complement the wine. The sommelier and the chef have to work together to ensure the wine cellar and the menu are compatible.

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