Pub Food Inventory

It is a fact that foodstuff is perishable and that pub food inventory must be closely managed to minimize waste.


Produce and Fruit

Fresh is better for food items and if you can get daily deliveries that is best.

Buy only what is necessary for the short term as overstocking encourages waste.

Use the produce as it is cut. Prepare bananas, apples and pears only as you need them, use citrus fruit within two days and strawberries the same day. Uncut citrus and apples can last as long as two weeks if not cut and are refrigerated.

Produce lasts longer if you don’t wash or cut it until you are going to use it.

As a rule of thumb most produce spoil in two to three days so buy only what you will use in two to three days. Strawberries, bananas and pears have the least storage life.

The produce you need will depend entirely on the pub menu.


Garnishes are subject to the same considerations as produce and fruit and the amount you will need will totally depend on the volume of business. Some common garnishes are, orange slices, olives, stuffed olives, maraschino cherries, lemon wedges, lemon twists, lime sqeezes, lime wedges and lime twists.

Other Foodstuffs

The listed miscellaneous foodstuffs you will need are Angostura bitters, Worcestershire sauce, Hot sauce, Superfine sugar, Tobasco sauce, Salt and Pepper.

Other Items

These other items are neither liquor or food, but are a necessity to keep the place and yes the customers clean. Never run out and remember to keep the washrooms spotlessly clean as this will affect your customer base as much as any other consideration. A member of staff on each shift should be assigned the task of inspecting the washrooms a set number of times during each working shift.

You will need adequate supplies of toilet paper, soap bar and liquid, hand sanitizer, paper towels, feminine items, garbage bags of all sizes, a few first aid kits, a burn kit.

You will also need cleaning supplies such as floor, oven, stove, glass and others. You should also have polishing supplies for any silver, copper or stainless steel fittings located throughout the bar.

These supplies can be bought from one source company which specializes in commercial cleaning supplies which simplifies ordering for you. This company after reviewing the size of your establishment can suggest correct quantities of each product that you may require.

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