Pub Considerations

Major pub considerations when deciding to open a pub is whether to start from scratch or to buy an existing establishment. This is dependent on what your dream is

The secret of success for any business is as oft said “Location, Location, Location” but if you intend to locate in a high density location rent will be high but so hopefully will be income. If you choose to locate in a newer low density location rent will be lower but so likely will be income.

If you decide to purchase an existing establishment it is important that you understand what attracts the existing customers and to be wary of making any drastic changes.

If you decide to remodel the premises it is suggested that you have a good working relationship with a respected local general contractor and his associated sub contractors. If you are not familiar with the local contractors it would be wise to research them with the Better Business Bureau and talk to local business owners for feedback.

After construction is done and equipment is installed it is a good idea to have a list of the necessary maintenance and repair contractors who can provide 24 hour 7 day service. You will need repair and service for kitchen equipment, heating ventilating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, carpenter handyman and a qualified electrician combination lighting technician.

If you are fortunate you may have some in house capability or even yourself.

You must keep up to date and be aware of all the latest drinks and pub trends and continue to meet an ever changing market. Watch major markets for new drink and food products.

Consider new food categories that differ somewhat but in addition to classic pub fare. The addition of appetizers that are munched on before the entre arrives are a good source of extra income.

Make good use of any and all promotions that drink suppliers will make available and get them in early.

Visit your competitors from time to time for a meal and drinks to see what you are competing with. Not too often as you will soon wear out your welcome and don’t ask for any food or drink recipes.

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