Pub Appliances, Pub catering equipment, Pub in home appliances, Kitchen appliances

Pub appliances speaks to pub catering equipment, pub in home appliances and kitchen appliances.

Appliances are electrical devices which are required to prepare food and drink when operating a bar or pub. You may buy new, lease or buy used.

Below listed are devices you will need:

Blender – most bars do have blenders but are often kept out of sight. Bartenders don’t like it when customers, especially the ladies, order drinks such as frozen daiquiris, margaritas, pina coladas and other frozen drinks as they are time intensive to prepare.

Coolers – refers to mostly beer coolers that keep the beer cold. They usually are located at mid to upper height. The cooler is at the bar but the device that expels the heat (air cooled condenser with compressor) will be located outside usually on the roof.

There is usually a walk in cooler near or in the kitchen. They are used to store large, perishable items such as kegs, cases of beer, salad greens vegetables and other foods.

Ice Machine – is required to make clean clear ice for drinks. The ice machine also requires a water purification system.

Smoke Eaters – if smoking is allowed and it seldom is these days these commercial clean air systems are a must.

Submersible Dishwasher – this appliance is a must for a restaurant and bar. It is only for glassware and is comprised of a three sink system. The first sink is for washing or gently rubbing the glasses around on the rotating brushes. The second sink is for rinsing the soap off the glasses. The third sink contains sanitizer to dip the glasses to kill off any remaining germs or bacteria.

Grills – this appliance is a necessity in any pub that serves hot food. Many food items can be cooked on a grill, burgers, steaks or even eggs and bacon. You may choose a flat top grill or a grated open top grill or a combination of both.

Broilers – this appliance are very versatile and come in many sizes with the larger size being used for popular items such as steaks and chops. A small version is available for melting cheese on soup, nachos and open face sandwiches.

Convection oven – this appliance cooks by circulating hot air around the food and provides quick and even cooking.

Conveyor oven – this appliance heats and cooks from top and bottom and is best for sandwiches, burgers and pizza.

Microwave – this appliance is the best option for reheating and cooking items quickly.

Sinks – these are a necessity both at the bar or in the kitchen and more than one is required. It is suggested that they be installed by a qualified plumber and buy the best quality you can afford.

Grease traps or interceptors – these plumbing devices are required by law to ensure that grease, fat, oil, wax or debris does not enter the local sanitary sewer system. These must be cleaned out on a regular basis. It is usually best to contract someone to do this.

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