Name a Bar

It is important to name a bar with something memorable and snappy which suits the theme of the business. When people hear the name it should bring to mind what the bar represents.

The name may evoke memories of people you knew, historical events, heritage, a specific sport or sporting event or geographic location.

Name Considerations:

Use your own name unless your name is Bartholomew or Marmaduke. Wait a minute those are distinctive enough that they just might work. Maybe a name as simple as Tom’s Bar or John’s Bar and Grille.

Consider word association and make use of a thesaurus and/or dictionary to research possible names.

Go with a gut feeling as to the atmosphere that you want for your bar. This is of utmost important no matter what the style of your business, corner bar, sports bar, wine bar, martini bar or even that dedicated to specialty beer and ale.

Note the customer base you are striving for and list the style and look which would appeal to this demographic and keep this data in mind when choosing a name.

Don’t limit the bar name to English or North American jargon but consider other ethnic ideas. Words from other languages and culture are often easier to trademark and offer a wider variety of choices.

Pick a name that you personally like whether it is a lady or a dog. In both considerations the name should be different. Just saying as it could seriously impact your love life.

If a word or phrase jumps at you, go with it as it may very well have the same effect on your customers.

Consider different themes as just about anything is possible for sports bars, billiard bars, biker bars, eateries, jazz bars, period bars such as 60s, 70s, 80s, seafood, steak, lobster or ethnic.

The name could be based on the theme of the pub. If a wine bar consider cellar, cave, cork, grape, vat or wine. If a beer bar or brew pub consider hops, wort, barley, malt or ferment.

Try to include the type of district you are in such as if in the Financial district use The Profit Place or Bank and Drink.

When you have chosen a name a simple way to research whether it has been used is to “google” it. It is suggested that you hire a website builder to build a website for you. This takes specialized expertise and is really not that expensive. You will have to work closely with the web builder to ensure he captures the theme and atmosphere of the bar.

It is suggested that you trademark or register your name, logo and taglines to protect from being used by others.

GET LEGAL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Incorporate your bar which will make your business a legal entity.

File your business name with the local government department in your area that deals with trademarks.

File your business name with the federal government department that deals with trademarks across the country.

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