Bar Security

Bar security is of prime interest to owners as in this age of “plastic” they still have a great deal of cash sales which make bars of interest a more than tempting target for thieves.

It is suggested that the below listed be included for the bar:

There is a working safe on site. The exterior of the building and parking lots are well lit. The alcohol and food storage is in a locked and secure room. There is safe access to the garbage and back as trash may be dumped more than a few times during the day. You do not want to provide unseen access for thieves. Install an entry alarm system complete with interior and exterior security cameras. Install secure locks and alarms on all exterior doors plus the alcohol food storage room.

The cost of implementing the above procedures will well pay for itself in both peace of mind and diverting thieves to easier targets. Remember the fable of two men being chased by a grizzly bear. One pants to the other that they will never outrun the bear. The other replies “I only have to outrun you”. Same concept.

It is best to avoid buildings with blind interior and exterior corners which can’t be seen by passer bys as these areas are a perfect place for a mugging to occur.

Avoid buildings that have poorly lit stairwells and hallways. If all else is right with the location but the previous mentioned is in effect it is suggested that you invest in improvements to correct the situation.

It may seem like a long shot but stay away from starting your pub in a Federal or Municipal building that may be of interests to terrorists. If you pub has the crowd in the building it is likely your establishment will be the target.

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