Bar Hiring Firing

Bar hiring firing is one of the most important of concerns when all else is said and done as bars and pubs will take on the personality of the people who work there. To hire and fire on an ongoing basis is poor for morale and is very expensive.

Bars need various kinds of employees, bartenders, servers, greeters, kitchen staff, cooks and perhaps security staff (bouncer). These employees are known as front of the house and back of the house, seen and unseen and are an important part of bar hiring firing.

Bar hiring firing dictates that front line employees must be polite and personable, friendly and smiling, well groomed and very hygiene and probably of most importance be able to evoke the character of the bar. Of most important you and the staff must like each other as you are going to spend much time together. It is OK to be friendly with your staff but I would not suggest to party with them, maybe a drink after closing, but nothing more. First and foremost you are the boss.

Front of the House Staff:


Bartenders are key employees and make and break bars. They must project the image of the bar as a biker bartender at family oriented bar will not work. Basically the bartender must be a people person who knows when and when not to be chatty. In many cases bartenders become friends, counselors and even acquaintances of their customers. It is required that bartenders, socialize while working, develop a growing base of regular customers, can handle difficult customers and last but not least make a variety of good drinks.

As a part of bar hiring firing, if the bar can afford it a bartender helper is also a good source of backup for the bartender as this person stocks and restocks the bar, empties the trash and washes dishes.


Servers also known as waiters and waitresses take food and drink orders at tables and bring it to the customer. There are more of them and they are also very important to the success of the bar. The server must have the ability to quickly learn your food and drink menu and be able to discuss the food and drink with customers, have the ability to develop regular customers who will return because of them and be organized and efficient. Some write down orders and some have a remarkable memory.


Bar hiring firing suggest that Greeters also known as host and hostesses greet your customers at the door and lead them to the table. This must be a very friendly people person who smiles easily and is friendly and approachable, be very good at communicating and have excellent organizational skills. The greeter must inform the server that the customer has arrived and within a minute the server must approach the table with menus and ask if drinks are desired. Drinks are usually served before the meal unlike wine which is usually served with the meal. However the customer should be asked if they want the wine first.

Security Staff Bar Hiring Firing

Security staff or more commonly known as bouncers have usually been big but not always so as some of the best security staff are of normal size with other skills. It opens up a whole area of legal concerns if a bouncer actually lays hands on an unruly customer. It is better to walk the unruly person out the door without use of force. Traits a good security man must have are effective communication skills, a quick wit, the intelligence to make appropriate decisions. The security person must be a take charge physical presence. This doesn’t necessarily mean big and imposing but speaks more to take charge personality. Someone who can tell you where to go and you look forward to the trip. This person should be neat and clean and not wear undue loose clothing or have long hair or a necklace which are easily grabbed, for obvious reasons.

Back of the House Staff Bar Hiring Firing:

Barhiring firing suggests that back of the house staff are simply those that are not seen such as cooks, kitchen staff and dishwashers, basically those that work in and around the kitchen. Most small bars have only one cook and perhaps one or more kitchen staff.

It is suggested that a good cook be punctual as it is more than necessary the cook be there before opening for necessary food preparation. The cook must be willing to learn on an ongoing basis as the menu and tastes change. The cook should have experience as if you are opening a new bar you don’t have time to train. The cook does not have to be a people person but it does help if the cook is level headed and even tempered as the day will be filled with challenges and a positive attitude is most beneficial.

Kitchen Staff Bar Hiring Firing

Barhiring firing suggests the kitchen staff must have the same attributes as the cook, follow directions and be willing to learn. Many kitchen aspire to be cooks but some are happy as they are. Each to their own.


This is a less than glamorous job but is essential to the operation of a kitchen as the requirement for clean dishes and cutlery is ongoing. This position takes minimal training but is a good starting position for a person wanting to get into the bar business. It is essential that this person be punctual and be physically capable as the hours of standing and lifting can be demanding.


If you are the only manager it is suggested that you groom another to take over in case of unseen circumstances. Mangers supervise employees, keep the bar running on an even keel and interact with customers. Duties include managing schedules, inventory levels, purchases and sanitation policies. It is essential that a manager be punctual, have integrity, a positive work history and must have previous experience in the pub or a related business.

Finding Employees

Pub hiring firing advises that you may advertise in local newspapers, internet or even on public notice boards. It does not matter how the potential employee heard about you but more importantly is the job interview. To hire bartenders it is suggested you post job openings at the local bartender schools.

You may want to test bartenders for experience or knowledge before hiring them by simply querying as how to mix various drinks or drink, beer, wine and liqueur knowledge

Questions that might be asked of potential employees are:

Name a difficult situation at work you have faced and how did you resolve it?

How would you handle difficult customers?

Why are you the right person for this job?

What bars have you previously worked at?

Why did you leave?

How is this bar different?

You may not ask a potential employee about their religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, gender, race, political affiliation, nationality or if they have children. This is illegal and may result in legal action against you.

Job Offer

When you feel you have the right person, make an offer based on what these jobs normally pay in your locale. Discuss wages, regular schedule, start date, appropriate clothing and the training schedule.


When it is required that employees be dismissed it is suggested that for your own legal protection there is a clearly worded policy in the employee manual on how infractions are handled.

Usually there is a sequence of escalating action before dismissal.

Issue a verbal warning and make a note in the daily log and in the employee file the date and time this was discussed with the employee.

Issue a formal written warning which describes the objectionable behaviour, a plan to resolve the situation, outlines consequences if the behaviour doesn’t change. You should meet with the employee, have them read the warning, agree to the terms and sign it. Place the warning in the employee file.

The employee may be suspended for a period of time or more likely the employee will be terminated. Do not ever discuss one employee with another as this can result in legal action against you.

Before opening the bar familiarize with yourself with the labour laws and minimum wages in your area. If staff are hired on a seasonal basis ensure that this is clearly understood at the time of hiring.

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