Tokaji Wine

Tokaji wine is of Hungarian origin which is made from grapes grown in the Tokaj-Hegyalja area of Hungary. The wine has a Protected Designation of Origin and only wines from this area may be labelled as such. They are sweet wines.

Since 2007, only authorized wine producers from the region are able to use the Tokaj brand name.

Six variety of grapes may be used for the production of this wine, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Yellow Muscat, Zéta , Kövérszőlő and Kabar.

Furmint accounts for 60% of the area and is by far the most important grape in the production of Aszú wines.

Hárslevelű stands for further 30%. Nevertheless, an impressive range of different types and styles of wines are produced in the region, ranging from dry whites to the Eszencia, the world's sweetest wine.

Typical yearly production in the region runs to a relatively small 10,028,000 liters (2,650,000 gallons).

Types of Tokaji wines

Dry Wines: These wines, once referred to as common, ordinárium, are now named after their respective grape varieties: Tokaji Furmint, Tokaji Hárslevelű, Tokaji Sárgamuskotály and Tokaji Kövérszőlő.

Szamorodni: This type of wine was initially known as főbor (prime wine), but from the 1820s Polish merchants popularised the name samorodny ("the way it was grown" or "made by itself"). What sets Szamorodni apart from ordinary wines is that it is made from bunches of grapes which contain a high proportion of botrytised grapes. Szamorodni is typically higher in alcohol than ordinary wine.

Aszú: This is the world-famous wine that is proudly cited in the Hungarian national anthem. It is the sweet, topaz-colored wine that is known throughout the English-speaking world as Tokay.[5]

Eszencia: Also called nectar, this is often described as one of the most exclusive wines in the world, although technically it cannot even be called a wine because its enormous concentration of sugar means that its alcohol level never rises above 5-6 degrees.

Fordítás: (meaning "turning over" in Hungarian), wine made pouring must on the aszú dough which has already been used to make aszú wine.

Másolás: (derived from the word "copy" in Hungarian), wine made by pouring must on the lees of aszú.


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