Straw Wine, Explain straw wine, What is straw wine

Straw wine speaks to explain straw wine and what is straw wine and the manufacture and history of such.

This wine is known as a raisin red wine, that is to say it is made from grapes that have been dried which provide concentrated juice. The wine depending on the fermentation method may result in a dry red wine or a sweet red wine.

The resulting wine is not unlike an ice wine which is produced in colder climates.

Before drying the grapes are placed on straw mats and left in the sun but the more accepted modern method actually dries the grapes on racks. This method is mostly used in Northern Italy and the French Alps but now other producers are copying this method.

These wines are usually sweet to more sweet wines which are somewhat the same as Sauternes and may last a very long time. Due to the nature of low yields and very intensive labour these wines are not cheap.

The Austrian version of this wine is known as Strohwein or Schilfwein which is considered a dessert wine

The French version of tis wine is Vin de Paille which is made only from the ripest of vintages and usually uses a blend of Chardonnay, Savagnin and Pousrad grapes.

The Greek and Cyprus version of the wine is known as Commandaria which is a blend of Xynisteri and Mavro grapes.

The Italian version of the wine is known as Passito, Vin Santo, Recioto, Amarone and Sciachetra.


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