Sangria, Explain Sangria, What is Sangria

Sangria speaks to explain Sangria and what is Sangria both the manufacture and history of such.

It is not recognized as a true wine but rather a Spanish wine punch.

Ingredients used in the making are:

Fruit red wine featuring Tempranillo and Granache grapes.

Chopped or sliced fruit of all kind.

A sweetner such as honey, sugar, syrup or orange juice.

A small amount of spirits such as brandy or triple sec.

Ice and carbonated soda.

There are many recipes used and therefore the level of sweetness may vary greatly and it may or may not be carbonated.

Other considerations are:

White rather than red wine can be used in the making and is then known as Blanca. Both red and white wines are always the base.

The fruit is cut in thin slices or small cubes and mixing all well in advance except for the ice and carbonated soda if it is to be used. Some advocate that the punch be left a full day in the refrigerator before serving.

If wine grape juice rather than wine is used with the addition of carbonated water, lemon and sugar a pleasant non-alcoholic drink can be made.

In the West Indies a similar drink is known as Sangaree. It is usually served throughout Europe especially Spain and Portugal as a summer drink especially with tourists where it is often served in pitchers much the same as beer is. It is often served with a spoon which allows the fruit to be retrieved from the bottom of the jug.

It is also very popular in North America and Mexico Bottled is available but for the most part people enjoy to concoct their won version of such.

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