Rose Wine, Explain Rose wine, What is Rose wine

Rose wine speaks to explain Rose wine and what is Rose wine both the manufacture and history of such.

Rose is any wine that is a pink wine. Different grapes and different wine making techniques can result in many hues and flavours of wines.

There are three distinctive methods of making Rose:

Method one is when grapes are crushed and the skins are kept in contact with the juice for two or three days. The grapes are crushed and the skins are thyen discarded. This method results in a mild tasting wine.

Method two is known as Saignee or the removal of some of the pink juice is removed before the wine is allowed to mature into red wine. This reduces the volume of the vat and the pink juice is then fermented separately.

Method three is blending which is simply the mixing of red and white wine. This method is not common and is not used except for medium to low Champagne.

The wine is a deeper colour than most blush wines.

Throughout the history of wine making the wine was a delicate dry wine and in fact began as a light claret from the Bordeaux area of France. The equivalent German wine is known as a Weibherbst which is s single grape variety.

This wine became extremely popular in Europe and the United States in the mid nineteen forties and are now produced world wide.

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