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Pinotage wine speaks to explain Pinotage wine and what is Pinotage wine manufacture and history of such.

Pinotage is a red wine produced from the South African Pinotage grape.

It is a cross between Pinot Noir and the Cinsaut grape varieties. Cinsualt is known as the Hermitage grape in South Africa.

Pinotage is a deep red wine that is reported to have a smoke and earthy flavours with undertones of bananas and tropical fruit.

The wine is very often blended with other wines and is also a fortified wine.

This wine grape was created in South Africa in 1925 by combining the best qualities of the Pinot Noir and Cinsault grape. The Pinot Noir grape makes a great wine but can be difficult to grow whereas the Cinsault grape is recognized as being robust.

A common criticism of the Pinot grape is that it may on occasion develop what is recognized as a slight sweet acetone smell. There are some wine makers who believe because of this tendency that Pinotage should not be considered as a wine grape.

Due to these considerations many consider that Pinotage should be used as a blending wine only.

This wine is produced in Brazil, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, United States and Zimbabwe.

With the grape being high in tannins but can be lessened by limiting the maceration time by reducing the amount of time that the grape skin is in contact with the liquid. Some wine producers have tried letting the grape get very ripe on the vine or ensuring minimum aging in oak barrels to soften the taste of the wine.

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