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Pinot Meunier wine speaks to explain Pinot Meunier, what is Pinot Meunier wine and how is Pinot Meunier made.

The wine also simply known as Meunier is made from the pinot meunier black wine grape.

The grape is known for being one of the three main grapes used in the production of champagne (the other two are the black Pinot noir and the white Chardonnay).

Until recently, champagne makers did not acknowledge Pinot Meunier, preferring to emphasize the use of the other noble varieties, but now Pinot Meunier is gaining recognition for the body and richness it contributes to champagne.

It is believed to be a mutation of Pinot noir. It was first mentioned in the 1500s, and gets its name and synonyms (French meunier and German Müller - both meaning miller) from flour-like dusty white down on the underside of its leaves.

Pinot Meunier is one of the most widely planted grapes in France but it is rather obscure to most wine drinkers and will rarely be seen on a wine label. For the last couple centuries, Pinot Meunier has been the most widely planted Champagne grape, accounting for more than 40% of the region's entire plantings. Pinot Meunier grapes produce light coloured wines with slightly higher acid levels but with normal sugar and alcohol levels.

Wine and champagnes made from these grapes are intended to be consumed young and do not require ageing.

Pinot Meunier is known under various synonyms across the globe including-Auvernat Meunier, Blanc Meunier, Blanche Feuille, Carpinet, Cerny Mancujk, Créedinet, Dusty Miller, Farineux Noir, Fernaise, Frésillon, Fromenté, Frühe blaue Müllerrebe, Goujeau, Gris Meunier, Meunier, Meunier Gris, Miller Grape, Miller's Burgundy, Molnar Toke, Molnar Toke Kek, Molnarszölö, Morillon Tacone, Morone Farinaccio, Moucnik, Müllerrebe, Muller-Traube, Noirin Enfariné, Noirien de Vuillapans, Pineau Meunier, Pino Meine, Pinot Negro, Plant de Brie, Plant Meunier, Plant Munier, Postitschtraube, Rana Modra Mlinaria, Rana Modra Mlinarica, Resseau, Riesling Noir, Sarpinet, Trézillon and Wrotham Pinot bekannt.


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