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This wine is produced from the pinot blanc grape, which is a white wine variety. It is thought to be a mutated type of Pinot Noir grape as occasionally the vine will bear all black fruit except for a section of the vine which bears white grapes.

The wine is produced in France, Alsace, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia is of the white variety.

Historically, Pinot blanc was used both in Burgundy and Champagne. It is still allowed in the Champagne blend and small amounts of Pinot blanc may in principle be blended into some Burgundy wines, but very small amounts are cultivated in either region. In the Champagne region, Pinot blanc is often called Blanc vrai.

Pinot blanc has also been confused with Chardonnay, and wineries often vinify it in a similar style, using barrel fermentation, new oak and malolactic fermentation. It can also be treated more lightly and made into a crisper wine that still has some ability to age.

In Alsace, Germany, Italy and Hungary, the wine produced from this grape is a full-bodied dry white wine while in Germany and Austria they can be either dry or sweet. One of the components of the wine Vin Santo can be Pinot blanc.

In France the grape is often blended with Klevner and Auxerrois grapes to give it a more alsacian flavor.

Pinot blanc gives a wine with fruity aromas, often of apples and melons, but it does not have very distinctive characteristics. It is rather high in acidity. Pinot blanc wines are usually made for immediate consumption and seldom meant for cellaring.

Pinot blanc's name varies by region. In Austria it may be bottled as Weissburgunder or Klevner. Hungary calls it Fehér Burgundi. Spain and Italy refer to it as Pinot bianco. In the Czech Republic, it is known as Rulandské Bilé. In Slovakia it is called Rulandské Biele.

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