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Petit Verdoh wine speaks to explain Petit Verdoh wine, what is Petit Verdoh wine and how is Petit Verdoh wine made.

The wine is produced from the Petit Verdot grape which has historically been used in Bordeaux blends. It is a late ripening grape and so fell out of favour for obvious reasons with producers.

When it does ripen small amounts are added to blends to add colour, tannin and flavour

It has attracted attention among winemakers in the North america, where it ripens more reliably and has been made into single varietal wine. It is also useful in 'stiffening' the mid palate of Cabernet Sauvignon blends.

When young its aromas have been likened to banana and pencil shavings. Strong tones of violet and leather develop as it matures.

Petit Verdot probably predates Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux, but its origins are unclear. There are records of it in the eighteenth century, but its characteristics suggest an origin in much hotter climates.

In Australia Petit Verdot is referred to as Fer.

In France Petit Verdot is used in the Bordeaux blend.

In Italy Petit Verdot is not blended.

In the United States most Petit Verdot is blended but a small amount is now produced unblended.

In Venezuela a wine known as Bodegas Pomar Petit Verdot is produced.


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