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Mulled wine speaks to explained wine, what is Mulled wine and how is mulled wine made and the taste of such.

This wine is a variety of wine drinks which is popular throughout the world. It is usually combined with various spices and served warm.

Throughout history when wine often went “off” and to restore it to a drinkable state, spices and honey was often added. It is today enjoyed mostly as a traditional, cold weather, Christmas drink.

Glühwein is popular in German-speaking countries and the region of Alsace in France. It is the traditional beverage offered and drunk on Weihnachtsmärkten. It is usually prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar.

In Romania it is called vin fiert ("boiled wine"), and can be made using either red or white wine, sometimes adding peppercorn. In Moldova the izvar is made from red wine with black pepper and honey.

In Italy, it is typical in the northern part of the country and is called vin brulè.

In Latvia it is called karstvīns ("hot wine"). When out of wine, it is prepared using grape (or currant) juice and Riga Black Balsam.

In Nordic countries mulled wine is referred to as glog or glug To prepare glög, spices and/or spice extract are mixed into the wine, which is then heated to 60°-70° Celsius (140°-158° Fahrenheit). The temperature should not be allowed to rise above 78.4° Celsius (173.12° Fahrenheit) in order to avoid evaporation of the alcohol.

When preparing home-made glögg using spices, the hot mixture is allowed to infuse for at least an hour, often longer, and then reheated before serving. In Sweden ready-made wine glögg is normally sold ready to heat and serve and not in concentrate or extract form.

Glögg is generally served with raisins, blanched almonds and gingerbread, and is a popular hot drink during the Christmas season.

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