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Meritage wine speaks to explain Meritage wine, what is Meritage wine and how is Meritage wine made.

Meritage is a quality wine which is made from the same blend of grapes as is Bordeaux.

Meritage red wine is made from cabernet sauvignon, cabernet and merlot grapes.

Meritage white wine is made from sauvignon blanc, Semillon and muscadel grapes.

The Meritage name is a US trademark and if wine makers want to use the name they must pay a fee to do such.

Back in 1989, wineries were all choosing names for their various blended wines, and it was getting hard to keep track of them all. An association was formed to try to define a "Bordeaux Blend" of grapes that was done on non-French soil.

They had over 6,000 people submit choices for the name of this blend, and "Meritage" won. This is a combination of the words "Merit" and "Heritage".

It is a high end wine and the maximum annual shipment from any one producer is limited to 25,000 cases.

It is suggested that Meritage red can be enjoyed with red meat and the stronger flavoured cheeses.

It is suggested that Meritage white can be enjoyed with chicken, fowl and the lighter flavoured cheeses.

Meritage red should be served at room temperature, that is European room temperature of 65F plus or minus a few degrees. Meritage white should be served slightly chilled.


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