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Lambrusco wine speaks to explain Lambrusco wine, what is Lambrusco wine and how is Lambrusco wine made as well as taste.

Lambrusco has two connotations, that of a red wine grape and that of an Italian wine made from the grape.

The grape originates from four specific zones in Emilia-Romagna and one zone in Lombardy. The grape has been with us a long time with records indicating that as early as Roman times it was highly valued because of its productivity anf high yields.


The most highly valued wine is the frizzante which is a slightly sparkling red wines that do not require ageing.

For a while the wine was the most popular Italian wine imported to North America. The light sweet taste was much appreciated by the North American palate in earlier times.

The Lambrusco grape has shown itself prone to developing several clones and sub varieties to where there is no one singular "Lambrusco grape". The most commonly found clones are the Grasparossa, Maestri, Marani, Monstericco, Salamino and Sorbara. The grape vine are often trained high above the ground to prevent the development of mildew.


Historically the vines were trained to climb up poplar trees. The grape itself is not particularly sweet but many of the sweet Lambrusco are made by either partial fermentation or with the addition of the sweeter Ancellotta grapes to the blend.

When not fermented sweet, the Lambrusco grape is capable of producing a dry wine with strawberry notes and a slight bitter finish.


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