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Fruit wine speaks to explain fruit wine and whats is fruit wine manufacture and history.

This wine is obviously made from fruit other than grapes and have a variety of flavours. It is usual to refer to the wine as the type of fruit ie: plum wine.

Some people argue that the wine is not actually wine since it is not made from grapes. The European Union legally defines wine as the fermented juice of grapes.

In Great Britain and the USA any wine made from fruit is recognized as “country wine”.


Wine can be made from any sufficiently sweet food or, with addition of sucrose in the form of table sugar or honey, from other fruits and many other plant sources. This can include wines produced from fruits like apples and elderberries, starches like rice, vegetables like carrot or peapod, as well as flowers and herbs such as dandelion, elderflower, and even marijuana.

The most common, narrow definition of wine relates to the product of fermented grape juice, though it is sometimes broadened to include any beverage with a fermentation based on the conversion of a sugar solution into alcohol (fermented beverages based on hydrolyzed barley such as beer are often excluded). Some drinks such as cider, mead and perry are also excluded from this broad definition of wine for historical reasons.


Home wine makers favour these wines as most fruits and berries have the potential to produce wine. However, most fruit wines have to be adjusted for sweetness at fermentation to make the drink palatable. This process is known as chaptalization in order to have sufficent alcohol levels in the finished wine.

Like many conventional white wines, the wines often do not improve with bottle age and are usually meant to be consumed within a year of bottling.

One of the factors which has impact for the taste of wine is removing of seeds from fruits before fermentation. This protects by bitter taste but this technology is time-consuming.


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