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Fraggolino wine speaks to explain Fragolino wine and what is Fragolino wine manufactur and history of such.

Fragolino is not considered a true wine in Italy as it is considered a wine drink. The drink is made from what is considered a very inferior grape. It is illegal to sell Fragolino as a wine in Italy but may be sold as a wine drink in supermarkets.

The popular opinion is that the grape known as uva American is most definitely not a recognized European grape but rather came from the new world.

From what I’ve understood, substandard wine production methods during the first half of the twentieth century led to worries about the quality of wines being produced in Italy, and seeing as the fragolino grape was often used in the production of poor quality wine, legislation in Italy was introduced to ban wine production using this particular grape.


Even today, the poor, misunderstood fragolino grape cannot be used in the production of wine. It can, however, be used to produce distilled drinks, so a fragolino grappa would be OK. Seeing as grappa is not wine, I guess Italy’s esteemed legislators must have thought that this exception was acceptable.

There is an Italian firm, Duchess Lia based in Piedmont Italy and markets the product as an aromatic wine based beverage and is an economical. It can in effect be considered a summer drink as it has in effect a strawberry flavour.

It is indeed an alcoholic drink albeit a low alcohol drink but do not allow children to drink it.

It also comes with a plastic cork and is quite effervescent so be careful opening it as you would any champagne product.



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