Delaware Wines, Explain Delaware wine, What is Delaware wine

Delaware wines speak to explain Delaware wine and what is Delaware wine manufacture and history of such.

These wines are in fact wines which are made from grapes which are grown in the state of Delaware in the United States. It is unfortunate that many have a low opinion of this wine as I have tasted it and consider it quite nice.

There are only two wineries in the state and they both have limited production and the wine for the most part is consumed in the state of Delaware.

The largest producer is the Nassau Valley Vineyards which produces both fruit and grape wine.


The other producer is the Pizzadili winery which is family owned and operated which opened as recently as 2007. They produce a large selection of wines made from Delaware grapes.

They also produce both fruit and grape wine.

It is reported that Swedish settlers planted grapes and started to make wine as early as 1638.



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