Condrieu Wine

Condrieu wine speaks to explain Condrieu wine and what is Condriey wine manufacture and history of such.

Condrieu made from the French Viognier white grape.

The Viognier grape is thought to be an ancient grape that dates back before the Roman times and is known to be a difficult grape to cultivate. It is now an uncommon grape exclusive to the Rhone region of France.

In 2004 DNA testing showed the grape to be related to the Freisa and Nebbiolo grape.

The grape is known to be prone to disease having a low yiels and should not be picked until it is fully ripe. If harvested at the correct time the wine has much flavour with an alcohol by volume level of 13%.


As stated in Wikipedia Wine expert Remington Norman has identified two distinct strains of Viognier — an "Old World" strain, most common in Condrieu, and a "New World" strain, which is found in the Languedoc and other areas. Although made from the same grape, the two strains produce distinctly different wines.


The wine is meant to be consumed young but may be aged a long time sometimes as long as 15 to 20 years.

It is now grown in California, Australia, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan. It has in effect declined in France due to specific insects and the disastrous effects of the World Wars.

The wine is well known for its pleasant flower like aromas much like the Muscat and Reisling wines.

The wine pairs wonderfully well with spiced cuisine and many of the stronger cheeses.


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