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Chablis wine information speaks to explain Chablis wine, what is Chablis wine both manufacture and the history of such.

Chablis wine states that it originates from the northern wine district of Burgundy, France. It is a dry white wine known for its purity of taste. The cool climate of this region produces wines with more acidity and flavors less fruity than Chardonnay wines grown in warmer climates.

Unlike other wines from the Burgundy area Chablis is not aged in oak barrels and are vinified in stainless steel tanks. The amount of barrel maturation, if any, is a stylistic choice which varies widely among Chablis producers.

Many Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines receive some maturation in oak barrels, but typically the time in barrel and the proportion of new barrels is much smaller than for white wines of Côte de Beaune.


The development of the French railway system opened up the Parisian market to wine regions across the country, dealing a significant blow to the monopoly held by Chablis wine industry at the time. This brought an influx of available inexpensive wine from regions in the Midi that undercut Chablis' presence in the Parisian market.

The main grape growing concern for vineyards is frost protection because the Chablis region is prone to spring time frost which can quickly decimate the year’s crop. This encouraged many to practice what is known as polyculture by growing alternative crops.


At harvest time, AOC regulations stipulate grapes for Grand Cru vineyard must be picked with a potential alcohol level of at least 11 percent, at least 10.5 percent for Premiers Crus and 9.5 percent for AOC Chablis vineyards

At the turn of the 21st century, chablis wine information states there were 40 Premier cru vineyards. The names of many of these vineyards do not appear on wine labels because of an INAO allowance that permits the use of "umbrella names"-where smaller, lesser known vineyards are allowed to use the name of a nearby more famous Premier cru vineyard.

Seventeen of the best known "umbrella" vineyards are Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Fourchaume, Vaillons, Montmains, Côte de Léchet, Beauroy, Vauligneau, Vaudevey, Vaucoupin, Vosgros, Les Fourneaux, Côte de Vaubarousse, Berdiot, Chaume de Talvat, Côte de Jouan and Les Beauregards.

In general Premier Cru wines have at least half a degree less alcohol by volume and tend to have less aromatics and intensity in flavors.

To summarize all Chablis is made 100% from the Chardonnay grape. The racy, green apple-like acidity is a trademark of the wines and can be noticeable in the bouquet. The acidity can mellow with age and Chablis are some of the longest living examples of Chardonnay.


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