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Catawba wine speaks to explain Catawba wine and what is Catawba wine manufacture a history of such.

Catawba is a red or white wine which is named after a grape which is named after a river located in south Carolina, but is now produced mostly in New York State and the Midwest United States.

One of the best and most popular of the native American wines, considered by many to be superior to most of the French and German wines, at least such of them as are to be had in our markets.

Unfortunately Catawba is not highly thought of by wine buffs but is one of the less expensive wines enjoyed by many.


It is made from the Catawba grapes, which grow abundantly in the valley of the Ohio and in other parts of the country. It is a sweet wine, containing in its pure state from ten to twelve per cent. of alcohol, and is made either into still or sparkling wine ; the latter, which is most in demand, contains an addition of alcohol and consequently is stronger.

The wine is mostly white, though some red wine is made. It is fit for use two years from the time the grapes are pressed, but reaches perfection, when about seven years old.



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