Bulls Blood Wine, Order of Bulls Blood, Hungarian red wine Bulls blood

Bulls Blood wine speaks to Order of Bulls blood and Hungarian red wine Bulls Blood.

This wine known in Hungarian as “Egri Bikaver” is the country’s most famous and popular wine. It originates from the Eger wine region of northern Hungary. A similar region is known for a similar wine Szekszardi Bikaver but which is entirely different being a very dry wine.

The blend has somewhat varied over the years but the basics are a result of the Kadarka variety grape which has now been increasingly replaced by the Blaufrankish grape.

It is believed that in bygone years the Turkish soldiers were served wine mixed with bull’s blood which was the reason they were so formidable in battle and the name stuck since the mid nineteenth century.


In 2004 a new level, Egri Bikavér Superior was introduced. In this case, at least 4 out of the 10 recommended varieties must be used and also a lower yield must be applied.

Despite considerable investment in vineyards and wineries, Egri Bikavér is still quite variable. The difference in quality between good ones and the cheap mass-market versions can be immense.


High-quality Egri Bikavér requires two or three years of oak aging, and is best with game, beef, or other spicy food. Egri Bikavér should be served at 16-18°C.


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