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This wine also known as Aramon Noir refers to wine fermented from a variety of wine grape which originates from Languedoc-Roussilon from southern France. In the period between the late 19th century and the 1960s it was the most favourite French wine bur since then its popularity has declined.

It was also grown in Algeria and Argentina bur was never as popular there as in France.

It was popular partly because of its high yields with much grape being able to be grown on small parcels of land. However when there was a high yield the wine was a very light red colour, low in alcohol by volume and had a general thin character. It was often blended with grapes of a darker colour to darken the final product.


Because the grape buds early and ripens late it is only suitable for growing in hot regions and is in fact susceptible to spring frost.

Since high-yielding Aramon gives one of the least coloured wines that still pass as red, the practice of blending such wines with wines from teinturier grapes such as Alicante Bouschet was a measure used to give them a measure of increased credibility as reds.

Later, Aramon-based light red wines got competition on the French market from cheap red wines from North Africa, primarily from the then-French colony of Algeria.

Algerian wines, produced primarily from Carignan, had more colour, alcohol and concentration than the typical Languedoc wines of the era. Since these characteristics were attractive to consumers, it became common in the 20th century to blend cheap wines from the south of France with Algerian and other North African wines.


This wine is also referred to as Aramon Chernyi, Aramon Negro, Aramon Noir, Aramon Pignat, Aramon Pigne, Aramon Rozovyi, Aramon Saint Joseph, Aramone, Aramonen, Aramont, Arramont, Burchardt's Prince, Burckarti Prinz, Burkhardt, Eramoul, Eromoul, Gros Bouteillan, Kek Aramon, Pisse-Vin, Plant Riche, Rabalairé, Ramonen, Reballairé, Reballayre, Revalaire, Revellaire, Ugni Neru, Ugni Nevu, Ugni Noir, Uni Negre, Uni Noir.


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