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I have no personal experience with asthma or asthma symptoms. However a friend of mine has to live with this disease. He describes an asthma attack as being strangled by unseen hands and says it is easy to panic when this happens.

Asthma cannot be cured but thankfully most people can control it with medications and lifestyle so they have few and infrequent symptoms and can live active almost normal lives.

A friend’s son an active young man died a few years ago of a severe asthma attack. It was devastating for the family and resulted in the breakup of the family. They blamed each other for the circumstances of the death when there was no blame.

If you have asthma and suffer from asthma symptoms you must stay in regular contact with your doctor. It is important that you recognize what may trigger an asthma attack. It is not known what causes asthma.

You must stay away from cigarette smokers but fortunately the vast majority of smokers are now considerate of other’s people health as medical science has found the harmful effects of tobacco indisputable.

However there is still a minority who don’t give a damn about others. These narcissists think the world ends about one inch away from them. I think this is the group of people from which we develop our serial killers. There are definitely more horse’s arses in the world than horses.

Minimize Asthma Symptoms

Check your house for mould especially inside the walls of your house. While looking be aware it takes three things to allow mould to grow: moisture, heat and a food source. A food source can be any particulate house material.

Keep pollen out of the house by using high efficiency HEPA filters. A HEPA filter is simply a high efficiency filter and these are readily available on the market. They require ongoing maintenance but provide excellent results.

Ensure there are no cockroaches in the house or apartment and if so immediately call an exterminator. Cockroaches can end up in many a clean apartment as they can migrate from above, below or beside you. In an apartment building all apartments should be fumigated if one is infested.

Dust mites can be dealt with by vacuuming both floors and furniture on a regular basis. The HEPA filter will also help with this concern.

An asthmatic should not have pets.

Ban all smokers from your house and stay away from smoking locations outside the front doors of buildings. If you can find an alternate entrance, use it rather than run the smoke gauntlet. If air pollution is a great concern try not to live in a city with a large industrial base.

If cold air or changes in weather bother you live in a more temperate climate.

If painting odours bother you simply do not enter a work zone. If cooking odours bother you, you are probably not going to make it as you have to eat. Either that or go on a raw food diet. Seriously just stay out of kitchens.

Don’t use scented products and ask others at work to refrain from wearing strongly scented colognes and perfumes. Most people are reasonable but if necessary involve management as by law they must provide a safe work environment for you.

Asthma Symptoms

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